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Stud Mill

Now you can purchase everything needed to design and manufacture light-gauge steel framing in one complete, economical, integrated equipment package. We offer total metal forming solutions for the design, manufacture, assembly, and installation of light-gauge steel framing for residential and light commercial construction – including roof trusses, wall panels, and flooring.

This machine can form both standard and custom sized studs, nogs or tracks. Infinite change design makes it available to produce any size within the scope, like 50mm web to 250mm web.

In less than 5 minutes, a size change can be effected with minimal operator skill, eliminating spacers, shims and guesswork required on conventional mills.

From 0.5mm to 1.6mm in thickness, with NO settings or adjustments required. The auto-gauging accounts for both the horizontal and vertical tooling clearances.

  • Studmill Punching
  • Framing House
  • Stud Mill_Tooling
  • Final Products
  • Part Cut
  • U90 for Truss

Standing Seam Line